Our Vision: A means of making a living with dignity for all hard-working individuals

Our Mission: To promote economic justice and help empower self-sustaining communities

Our Story

Welcome to Village Vendors and thank you for visiting us! We hope that you will take the time to browse through the many wonderful arts and crafts made by the hardworking people featured above, who live in the villages of Africa.

In 2011, while traveling along the roads of Kenya my wife and I saw many roadside vendors in makeshift stands and booths selling beautiful handmade arts and crafts. The vendors sat under the hot sun all day without certainty that they would even sell a single item, and when they did they earn very little. As much as we love sunshine, we realized that the vendors were making a living under harsh conditions.

We thought that there ought to be a better way for the vendors to make a living with dignity. It was obvious the vendors needed a more efficient supply chain to deliver their quality arts & crafts to the buyers. Many vendors we talked with indicated that they could be more productive if they could allocate more of their time producing their beautiful crafts in their villages instead of sitting along the city streets all day long waiting for buyers to stop by. But who will sell the goods for them?

Upon returning home to the US, we contacted several known national retailers as well as local gift shops specializing in unique merchandise to see if they would sell the type of merchandise we saw from the vendors. We quickly learned that high profit margin standards and inventory supply continuity requirements of the US retailers created barriers in helping the roadside vendors make a decent living. We decided to look for other alternatives to help.

Three years later, we are very excited to launch this website borne out of the inspiration and drive to showcase the beautiful work of the hard-working, talented people and help them educate, train and empower other aspiring artists/entrepreneurs like them.

Our goal is to provide a storefront for the craftsmen and women from many third world villages so they can focus their talent and passion on what they love doing most – crafting their arts. We’ve established relationships with the artists and made commitments to help provide a sustainable means of making a living by utilizing a supply chain system that will bring their quality handmade crafts to you.

We are so blessed to be able to make a decent living working comfortably inside a temperature-controlled building. Let us all help the vendors make a decent living. Your purchase of their beautiful work makes a world of difference.

Thank you for supporting our mission.

Our Organization:

We’re an organization that aim to empower vendors and craftsmen from the villages of third world countries. We strive to help extend their distribution reach by maintaining an online outlet were we can offer their remarkably unique arts and crafts to customers beyond their local markets.

We support World Fair Trade Day throughout the year by buying directly from the artisans/street vendors at a fair price that equates to a living wage – not a sweatshop price.

Our goals are to enable the craftsmen and women who would rather specialize on their arts and crafts than to sit on dusty roads all day, and to promote the formation of village co-operatives that offer life-skills training for the orphans, victims of domestic abuse, refugees and those living in poverty.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in hard-work and in people who commit to working hard. From our experience in our backyard garden, we are reminded every Spring that there is no harvest in the Fall without hard work. We cannot expect chance to provide for our needs, we must take deliberate actions. There are millions of hard working individuals in this world. Some are working in economic environments that offer adequate income to make a comfortable living, while those in the third world nations put in hard work of equal worth but earn very little monetary income and live in poverty because the political and financial systems in their countries do very little to help widen their economic base.

We celebrate the small producers and small business owners who stand at some hot dusty roads all day to earn a living. We support the people who work hard and their creative efforts to become self-sustaining small producers and small business owners.

Our Commitment:

We recognize that we have a responsibility not only to family, our society, and also to humankind. We are committed to act in a responsible, professional manner and to be an ally and advocate for all our stakeholders in the Third World villages and in the US.

Our commitment to respect, fairness and courtesy is manifested in our buying and pricing policies. We buy merchandise at a fair price from the villagers and we price the merchandise we sell with the intention of offering the best value for our customers' hard-earned money.